Villa di Geggiano, Castelnuovo Berardenga

TIME-TABLE: By appointment (6 person required)
ADDRESS: Località Geggiano
DESCRIPTION: The villa was built during the second half of the 18th century on an old building of the sixteenth, the villa was a property of the Bianchi Bandinelli family and it’s a rare example of a luxury country-seat. The furniture and the decorations are here conserved very well; the villa was frequented by the noble of the city and by important people, a lot of men of letters and culture, as the playwright Vittorio Alfieri, that lived there for short periods between 1777 and 1824, Montale, Saba, Guttuso, and Stendhal.
Interesting the romantic garden, that surrounds it, where there is a terrace and an open theatre, used often by Vittorio Alfieri. It’s called “teatro di verzura” (greenery theatre) because the scenes are built by cypresses and laurel hedges. The proscenium comprises two twin arches, crowned by triumphal frontons bearing the courts of arms of the Bianchi Bandinelli and Chigi Zondadari families. The arches are decorated with niches containing statues of Tragedy and Comedy.
In the villa has been filmed by Bertolucci in “Io ballo da sola” (I dance alone).

Entrance: 15 €