Welcome to Chiantishire, welcome to the land covered of vineyards and olive groves. The tranquillity here is sometimes beyond belief and the quality of holidays matches that of its known wines. Who loves nature and its treasures, will discover raw hills and a variegated land which goes from Florentine edges, starting with a world of castles, villas and cellars, to Sienese borders, where Etruscan settled early, leaving signs of an ancient culture.
Some memories of medieval Chianti remain even now in the flavours of the cuisine, in the smell of wines and olive oil, as well as Renaissance left in the architecture the strongest part of the historical identity, showed by the "Palazzo del Podestà" of Radda, the "Rocca" of Castellina in Chianti and the villas around Greve, which were the residence of families and illustrious people of that time. And it was during the Renaissance, with the share cropping that this land acquired its typical aspect, at human shape, which it maintains even today. By the end of share cropping, officially terminated in early '60 years by a law of Italian state, Chianti become the centre of a cosmopolitan community, which has created the access to an increasing tourism, changing the local economy that is now mostly supported by services. But people is still absorbed in a vigorous but simple daily life, following the steps of past centuries, marked by human relations, by seasons, by festivities, by markets. Chianti does not offer only a shiny but sometimes untrue image of old history, made of rural idylls, or red poppies fields and green cypresses, but it is a land where one can forget the oppression of the past and the fears of the future. Today Chianti goes over its most famous product, the wine, showing the reality of modern times, with an eye back to rural times. Here nature helped the man creating something like a small paradise, where brighter colours explode in fall, showing a new season to live and taste.


Castellare Winery

Castellare di Castellina è un'azienda storica del Chianti. Si trova nel cuore del territorio del Chianti Classico, a Castellina in Chianti, ed è situata sulle colline di un anfiteatro naturale esposto a sud-est. Dal 1979 è di proprietà di Paolo Panerai.
Un censimento delle viti, intrapreso subito dopo l'acquisto dell'azienda, ha consentito di selezionare le qualità migliori di Sangioveto, la nobile versione autoctona del Sangiovese, e di Malvasia Nera, una variet� che dona un carattere speciale ai vini di Castellare. Affondano qui le radici degli innumerevoli successi dell'azienda, grazie anche ad un lavoro incessante di riscoperta delle tradizioni e ad una cura scientifica di ogni fase della produzione.


Tour guidato della cantina, delle vigne (tempo permettendo), della vinsantaia e della biblioteca di Castellare con spiegazione dettagliata di ogni fase produttiva e di affinamento e invecchiamento del vino. Il tour si conclude con una degustazione di tre dei vini a base di Sangiovese che hanno fatto grande l'azienda: il Chianti Classico, il Chianti Classico Riserva e il pluripremiato supertuscan I Sodi di San Niccolò. A richiesta si può accompagnare la degustazione con un assaggio di salumi e formaggi toscani. E' inoltre possibile acquistare direttamente in azienda tutti i prodotti (vino, olio, aceto, grappa) di Castellare di Castellina.


Giorni: Tutti i giorni (solo su prenotazione)
Durata del tour: 1h circa
Numero massimo di partecipanti: 20
Prezzo Visita con degustazione (tariffa speciale per clienti hotel Salivolpi): 14 euro
Prezzo Visita con degustazione + assaggio di salumi e formaggi toscani (tariffa speciale per clienti hotel Salivolpi): 18 euro
Inoltre per i clienti dell'hotel Salivolpi uno sconto del 10% per tutti i prodotti acquistati alla vendita diretta di Castellare.

Poggio Brandani Winery

For all types is provided:
- introduction and historical notes about the company;
- guided tour of our Photo Gallery, where many prints of the 300 pictures are preserved, they were made by Angiolino Brandani at the benning of 1900, stamped on sheets of silver bromide;
- guided tour of the Barriccaia, local among the oldest age of the farmhouse where today our best Chianti Classico is aging in barriques;
- guided tour of the Museum dedicated to the work of farmers, thanks to the oil millstone and the press is possible to explain the ancient techniques of extraction of oil and wine; and life in the countryside.
At the end of the guided tour, it follows the wine tasting:
A) a Supertuscan I.G.T., a Chianti Classico vintage, a Chianti Classico Riserva accompanied by creackers
Euro 10,00 p.p

B) a Supertuscan I.G.T., a Chianti Classico vintage, a Chianti Classico Riserva.
accompanied by fettunta with our Extravergin Olive Oil
Euro 11,00 p.p.

C) a Supertuscan I.G.T., a Chianti Classico vintage, a Chianti Classico Riserva, Dessert wine (or Grappa) accompanied by creackers, fettunta with our Extravergin Olive Oil, chocolate.
Euro 12,00 p.p.

D) a Supertuscan I.G.T., a Chianti Classico vintage, a Chianti Classico Riserva, Dessert Wine (or Grappa) accompanied by creackers, fettunta with our Extravergin Olive Oil, taste of aged cheeses and salami (or ham or fresh cheese), chocolate.
Euro 13,00 p.p.


Wine Tours


IIdentified by the well-known trade mark "Gallo Nero" (black rooster), Chianti Classico is produced in probably the most famous area in CHIANTI, where cellars and vineyards dot the rolling green hills known throughout the world.

In the breathtaking panorama surrounding the medieval village of Montalcino, a hair's breadth away from the Val d'Orcia, the KING of red Tuscan wines is produced. In the second half of the 19th century, Clemente Santi began exploring the potential of a clone of the Sangiovese grape, the Sangiovese Grosso, locally called Brunello because of its dark colour. Around 1860, Clemente's nephew, Ferruccio Biondi-Santi began to produce a red wine that immediately shows its excellent quality and then attains further greatness through careful aging in French oak barrels. Today, the Biondi-Santi Riserva 1955 is considered one of the best wines of the Millennium.


The first Italian WHITE WINE to receive the D.O.C. ("Denominazione Origine Controllata", an Italian quality assurance label for food products and especially wines ) in 1966 , though old documents were already referring to this wine around 1200. At the end of 13th century it was already considered a great quality wine that was always on the tables of the Middle Age aristocracy: both the Pope Paul III and Lorenzo de' Medici ordered great quantities of it.

Price: Euro 200,00 (car 1/3 persons, duration 4 hours)

Horseback Riding

tours take place every day and all year round and the time can be arranged directly with you!!
Pick up service on request (extra Euro 5,00)
Short briefing before departure
Multilanguage speaking guides
Helmet supplied
Safe lockers available

Daily departures: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours
No experience required
Minimum age 14 years
Long pants and closed shoes for the ride are recommended

Enjoy the countryside at the leisurely pace from horseback, A unique opportunity to explore the Chianti region in Tuscany off the beaten tracks, an alternative to the busy, crowded sites.
Our horses are ready to introduce you to an unique experience in full contact with nature .
Our professional guides will give you precious suggestions and basics before and during the excursion and you'll be able to practise inside a fenced space in order to feel more comfortable on horse. And then... we leave in few minutes our guide will lead you straight into the heart of nature. The silence and the beauty of the landscapes together with your emotions will be the protagonists of this experience... you'll go along dirt roads and you'll see small farmhouses, country churches here and there and the colours of nature will be the natural frame... after the country road ... the wood: holms, downy, maples and juniper, honeysuckle, holly and arbutus... and then it can happen that passing the vineyards you can see a deer and after that ... in a small plain ... the enchanting beauty of its landscapes. Every season has its colours to admire to... rolling hills, silent woods with wild flowers, silver olive groves, vineyards, sunflower fields and poppies' typical farmhouses, middle age villages perched on hilltops... an unforgettable view, a real painting!

Price Euro 55,00 per person

Tuscany by scooter

Enjoy the renowned Chianti region by scooter. A trip deep into the heart of this unique region, driving along the "wine road", far away from city noises. Feel the beauty of nature, a breathtaking scenery is waiting for you:
...gentle hills, perfectly aligned vineyards, silver green olive groves, cypress-lined roads, small characteristic villages, medieval hamlets, typical stone built farmhouses, lovely country churches, old fortresses, century castles�
The tour ends with a wine tasting in a tiny fortified hamlet.

Pick up service on request (Euro 5,00 per person)
Short briefing before departure
Multilanguage speaking guides
Helmet supplied
Safe lockers available

Daily departures: 9.30 am to 8.30 pm
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price: euro 60,00 per person (insurance included)

No experience required
A valid driver's license is required, a motorcycle license is not requested.
Minimum age 18 years.

Cooking Classes

Do you want to learn the tipycal Tuscany cookery? In the course we will prepare a complete menù that is one antipasto, one maine course, one second course and one dessert.

All persons will cook together at the end we will taste the food preparated.

The cooking class school is situated into an ancien small village, in the heart of Chianti, in the middle of green gardens.

Euro 70,00 per person min 2 pax 3,5 hours- lunch or dinner.

Cystal Tour

In Colle Val D'Elsa, some of the most famous craftsmen in Italy have been producing exquisite shapes in crystal and glassware from as early as the 14th century. We take you to right to the workshop floor to meet the artisans, and to learn the process and secrets of this ancient art form. You can see how delicate vases, sparkling goblets and intricate statues are made using traditional techniques. There is also a crystal museum, to learn some of the history of crystal and glass making and see stunning examples of the art. Afterwards you will have the chance to visit the crystal showroom. Note: this experience requires advanced reservation. A visit can also be incorporated into a general tour of the area.

Price: Euro 200,00 duration 4 hours (1/3 persons).

Tour Outlet Shopping

This tour brings you the very best of Italian fashion and elegance. The most highly respected Italian designers showcase their work in these outlets, where you can purchase clothes, shoes, purses, and other accessories at 30-50% discounts. You can enjoy the beautiful Tuscan landscape while we personally escort you two of the best spots for outlet shopping: the Prada outlet, and The Mall, for prestigious names that mean Italian fashion: Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo, Valentino, Ungaro, Zegna, Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi, Loro Piana, and others. The nearby welcoming Caffè serves as a great place to take a break from shopping, or to re-fuel with a nice Italian lunch. For diehard shoppers, the amount of time can be increased to a full day and can include other stores and outlets.
Price: Euro 300,00 duration 5 hours (1/3 persons= 1 car).

Terme Antica Querciolaia - Rapolano Terme

Therapeutic thermal pools

All-day ticket: Euros 9.00 (instead of Euro 12.00).

Cold, temperate and hot baths.
The most immediate way of enjoying ...the beneficial and regenerating heat of thermal water is certainly to immerse yourself in our pools, letting yourself be pampered by the mystical and suggestive ambience of their steam. A healthy bath to restore vitality and harmony to your body and to regain your psycho-physical balance, far away from daily sources of stress thanks to the simultaneous presence of hot, cold and temperate baths.

10% discount on all treatments (except Turkish Bath)
Thermal wellness
Give your body the care it deserves.
When stress and tension reduce your energies and daily tasks and routines steal time away from personal care, then it's time to take a break and abandon yourself to the attentions and experience of someone will be able to restore harmony and vitality to your body.

Body treatments
Bagnorelax Termale ai Sali Argillosi 100% Natura - Detoxifying Mud and Sauna - Regenerating Thermal Mud Body Treatment - Body Firming "Querciolaia" Clay Mud Mask - Intensive Body Firming Clay Treatment - Thermal Mud For Leg Wellness - Thermal Bandaging for tired legs

The paths to wellness
Thermal synergy massage therapyPersian massage and Oriental disciplines � Quercioalia Hamman (Tuirkisch Bath and wellness treatements)Wellness program
Daily programs wellness with Mud and thermal bath

Many different treatments for harmony of the body & mind:
Face treatment Body treatments Querciolaia Hamman Cosmetic line